Friends Quotes, Friendship Quotes, Life Quotes
  • Friends brighten my day come sunshine or rain
    In my heart dear friends will always remain
    They are with me through woes and strife
    Friends bring so much happiness to my life.
  • Friends are like a chain of pure gold
    They are shaped by God in a perfect mold
    Every link is love, a smile, a laugh, or a tear
    A loving grip of their hand when they are near.
  • Friends are like a never ending circle of light
    On the darkest night making my path bright
    Every friend is unique in one’s own way
    And all together they make a lovely bouquet.
  • Friends are precious gifts bestowed by God’s grace
    I will always hold them close in a loving embrace
    I have been blessed by friends God sent my way
    And I will give thanks to Him each night as I pray.

    Glenna M. Baugh