How To Become An Ideal Friend

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Its not easy becoming a friend or making one because a friend is not a state of mind. Its real and its in your face. A friend is someone who makes your life worth its while a little more than yesterday. While everybody has their own definitions of a “friend”, the long and short of it is we all need friends to make our lives better. We at TheHolidaySpot value our friendship as much as you do and would like to share our ideas of how to become an ideal friend with you, for if wasn’t for you we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Honesty Is The Best Policy…

  • In friendship “honesty” is the key word. One should always be honest to his or her friends. Don’t overlook their faults, even if you have none for you are his friend! Praise them honestly and openly. Say you’re sorry, when you hurt your friend. Don’t let them assume it.

Give More Than You Take…

  • Be there when they need you or you may wind up alone.
    Love them unconditionally, that is the only condition. Make them feel special, because aren’t we all special? Never forget them, who wants to feel forgotten.

Be Supportive…

  • Cheer them on, we all need encouragement now and then.
    Encourage their dreams and aspiration, Life seems almost meaningless without them.
    Your words count, use them wisely.
    Use good judgement.
    Wish them luck, hopefully good
    Eamine your motives before you “help” out
    Just be there when they need you
    Really listen, a friendly ear is a soothing balm


  • Forgive them for, “To Err is Human”, and you just may end up making the same mistakes in course of time..

Keep The Faith…

  • Have faith in them. For, there is no love without trust.
    Zip your lips when they confide in you.

Express Yourself Clearly

  • Know when they need a hug, and couldn’t you use one?
    Offer to help, and know when ” No thanks” is just politeness
    Quietly disagree, noisy No’s make enemies
    Verbalsise your feelings

Have Fun…

  • Get together often, misery loves company, so does glee.
    Talk frequently, communication is important.
  • Enjoying your friendship is the order of the day. So its not what we call a friendship if you don’t feel right. Always remember a friendship is worth it when you are able to enjoy the amazing relationship with no holds barred. Its a mutual bond for life that you cant give up.– Unknown